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Imagine being in the worst situation possible, and believing there is no hope for change. How would it affect your thinking? How would it affect the way you act, or the way you look at the world? What if you thought that pain and sadness were your destiny, because it was all you had ever known?

Now imagine that someone told you there was hope. That life could be so much better. Imagine being told that you are loved and valued and had a better destiny for your life. You would probably look at that person and say that they were crazy. For youth who have experienced years of hopelessness, words alone mean nothing.

But take those words, connect them with acts of compassion, and now you have something that is real, and inspires change. At Restoring Hope Ministries we want to give people the opportunity to see hope birthed in the lives of young men and women who have heard it all, but have rarely seen love in action.

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Ways to Volunteer

Restoring Hope Ministries is a volunteer-driven organization and there are several ways you can help. Throughout the years, we have seen God take our efforts, and willingness to learn, and create something amazing with them.

Depending on your interests and the skills you would like to build or share, there are a variety of roles suitable for individuals and groups. Please read through the categories and sample roles listed below to learn more.

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Shelter Opportunities

Women’s program opportunities

Other opportunities