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How you can help

Our Impact

Established in 2013, Restoring Hope Ministries is poised to address these gaps because of the expertise we have developed in working 

with vulnerable youth. Over this time, we have built an organization from the grass roots into one that is thriving and sustainable. We understand how to listen to the needs of the youth and have developed programs that did not exist.

We work with service providers across the city to ensure that our programs continue to complement and fill gaps in the supports available to street-engaged youth.

Our team is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to create solutions for the most difficult challenges our youth are facing. We understand that our youth do not go in a one-size-fits-all box. Therefore, we focus on creating programs that are low-barrier and allow a large variety of youth to access these services. Lastly we have developed key relationships with other services in Ottawa so that we can work collaboratively to address the complex needs which currently exist.

Our relentless dedication and passion for these youth is making a difference and we will continue thanks to your support and thanks to such a loving community that believe in their youth and their hidden potential.

Help by giving

  • One time gift

    Make a one-time donation to help youth restore their power and establish a new path. Your donation today will help provide food, shelter and life-changing programs to our community’s most vulnerable.

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    Monthly Gifts

    Monthly donations are a lifeline for us. Reliable funding helps provide a steady source of income for transformational youth programs with regular and predictable support, allowing your dollars to go even further.

    It also gives you the opportunity to make easy and affordable installments, with the flexibility to change your gift at any time.

    Set up your tax-deductible monthly gift now through Canada Helps.

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    A donation of securities is a great way to make a significant difference to our youth, while reaping some tax benefits. When you transfer your appreciated securities or mutual bonds instead of selling them, you benefit from an exemption of the capital gains taxes you would normally pay. In addition, you’ll receive a donation receipt equivalent to the entire value of the securities.

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