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Combining Our Resources Effectively (C.O.R.E.) 

The Combining Our Resources Effectively (C.O.R.E) program is a bilingual, not-for-profit program to address the gaps in our current health care system, related to substance abuse and addiction. This is a minimal barrier program designed to assist the youth maintain focus while they are awaiting entry into a detoxification or withdrawal program, or to advocate for their entry. The program emphasizes care, self-worth and a harm reduction approach with a gradual reduction of substance use during the waiting period. C.O.R.E. assists during the period that youth would generally not possess a worker to provide support throughout the transition of drug use, to rehabilitation, to sober living. Waitlists for some programs prove to be as lengthy as one year. Hence, we assist youth in transition during their wait by providing support, resources and hope.

Workers of the C.O.R.E. program are committed to advocating for youth, managing concerns, crisis intervention, one-on-one counselling and providing a supportive environment as well as encourage the youth to develop their resources (strengths, talents, self-image and self-esteem etc.). The program is designed with a regular one-on-one counselling session as well as daily check-ins.

RHM is committed to the development, implementation and promotion of non-discriminatory values, attitudes and practices throughout all facets of our organization with the goal towards mutual respect and an appreciation of all diversities.